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How solar works

Residential Solar Power in Sydney

Home solar power in Sydney -Together we will "Power a Better Future"

Soltek Energy is committed to working with Australian families to utilise residential solar power systems in Sydney, to power a better future for generations to come.

Soltek Energy is working together with the Australian and NSW Governments to help families take advantage of domestic solar power systems in Sydney and to access the many Government rebates currently available.

Rebates will not last forever and with electricity prices set to sky rocket soon by over 60% - now is the time to install your house solar panels in Sydney, before the rebates run out. Once the Government decides to end these rebates, the cost of installing solar energy systems for homes in Sydney will increase markedly, leaving families in a tight spot and having to pay increased electricity costs.

5 benefits of solar power for homes in Sydney

  1. Reduce your power bills: When you create your own electrical power, you no longer have to pay a power bill, which cuts your outgoings down dramatically. Yes, you have to pay for the installation of the domestic solar power system, but once you have paid for it – your electricity is free forever.
  2. Protection against power bill increases: Without a doubt, the cost of electricity is going to keep increasing. Solar power however, protects you against these increases, so you have more money for your family.
  3. Increase the value of your home: The addition of solar power to your home will add serious value when you want to sell or borrow money from the bank.
  4. Help support the environment: Renewal energy sources are the way of the future and the less carbon we introduce into the atmosphere and the less pollution we cause – the more we sustain our delicate environment.
  5. Improve your lifestyle: Not having to worry about how much power you use, because you can’t afford to pay the bills, is a huge weight off your shoulders, improving your lifestyle dramatically.

Soltek Energy’s team is highly experienced in providing solar power for homes in Sydney and with our accredited installers, we can help you understand how solar electricity will save you money!