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Solar Panels

Grid Connected Photovolotaic Power Systems

This is the most common form of solar system installed in Australia.

The inverter converts the electricity generated by the solar system – which is direct current (DC) – into AC electricity so that the power generated is compatible with the grid.

Most houses with grid-connect solar systems use solar power first before sourcing electricity from the grid. When the panels are not producing electricity at night, electricity is supplied from the electricity grid.

grid connected
How solar panels work - grid connected solar photovoltaic systems in Sydney

The majority of residential and commercial property owners install grid connected solar power systems. This means that your solar energy system will feed the electricity that is produced by your solar panels, back into the electricity grid.

So you actually use grid electricity to run your home or commercial property. At first this might sound self-defeating, but because you feed your solar energy back into the system, less electricity needs to be produced by coal fired power stations – which benefits our environment.